Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog Update

When there are two boys in the house, you can't have the blog named after only one of them. So for those of you who want to follow my nephews in Alaska, they have a new address. You can find it in the blogroll under Wyatt Brothers in Alaska.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I made the hubby get out in the garden with me to install a soaker hose irrigation line so I wouldn't have to keep moving the sprinklers this year.

It has rained every day since.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome News

Lucas John Wyatt
May 24, 2010
5:03 PM
4 lb 11.6 oz
17.5 Inches

What would you grab?

Today is a high drama day on both sides of my family. People I love are being require to make quick decisions and take quick action.

To the north, my brother and his wife are on a leer jet, flying toward the hospital where their baby should be born within the next couple of hours. They got the test results back from her amniocentesis and found out that the baby's lungs are not developed enough, but her own preeclampsia dictates that the baby be born today. From the time she got the news to the time they were in the air was about an hour and a half. They didn't even have time to go home and get anything or to say good-bye to their toddler.

A fire is raging through the Bosque, forty acres so far and about 15% contained. My in-laws' house is just up the hill. They're packing their trailer in case they're forced to evacuate.

If you know my in-laws, you know the question of what to grab is a tough one. He's a book collector and has thousands and thousands of books on his library shelves. She's a weaver, a spinner, a knitter, a quilter... which fibers should she save? Which finished projects are the ones that should be salvaged?

What would you grab?

A pet? A Photo album? A laptop? An heirloom?

It's always been a hypothetical question up to now. But seriously, in a crisis, what are the most important things in your life?

I know what one of mine is... I'd appreciate your prayers for both sides of the family.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Limerick Challenge

For all you aspiring limericists out there... are you ready to take the limerick challenge? I'll give you the first line and you complete the poem.

It doesn't have to be professional, but it does have to be clean to make it on the blog.

Here's your first line:

A spunky young woman named Jill

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Licking the Spoon

It was one of those moments when I was the kid and she was the grown up, though she's my daughter. I don't know if it's that I've drilled into her that you don't lick the spoon (raw eggs and all that) or if she just doesn't share my love for unbaked baked goods.

This morning, she made the cookies and I licked the spoon. Chocolate Oat no-bake cookies (David Cookies, as they were known at our house growing up) don't have any ingredients to be afraid of... not if you don't count the cup of butter and the 4 cups of sugar.

So I stood over the sink and licked the spoon.

It tasted just like childhood.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Testament Humor

Reading the Bible is always an adventure. Sometimes a passage touches me in a way it never has before. And sometimes it's just plain funny.

Have you read the story about Balaam lately? -- Not the part about the talking donkey, the stuff that comes before that. Balak asked Balaam to come and curse the people of Israel, but Balaam said he could only say what God told him.

"No problem," Balak said. (My paraphrase) Balaam, after all, had a great reputation for passing out curses and blessings. He set Balaam up on a mountain over the Israelite camp, made all the proper sacrifices, and let his prophet do his thing.

His thing, though, was to say what God told him to. And God told him to BLESS Israel, not to curse them. Bummer for Balak.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!" Balak needed a curse. Instead of finding a different curser, he tried to tweak things enough to confuse God. He set Balaam up on a different hill, one with a little bit worse view of the Israelite camp. That should do it.

No such luck. Another blessing came out of Balaam's mouth.

No problem. Just move him again, this time so he can't really see anything more than a little corner of their camp. Now, since the Israelites couldn't see him, he should be able to lay down that curse.

Ready, go.

Hello. What kind of god did this Balak expect? Obviously he thought God could be tricked, easily, like if he hid behind a handkerchief, God wouldn't know he was there.


You now what, though? God knew where Balaam was all the time. He knew where Balak was, too, and where his people were (not only their tents, but their hearts). You can't beat God at a game of hide and seek. He's always "it" and he knows where everyone is hiding.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tomorrow or Saturday...

As of Thursday evening, the counter on my blog is at 29,965. Who will be #30,000? Will it be you?

Let me know if it is!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Can't Get There from Here

When they say "you can't get there from here," they're talking about downtown Portland. As we got into the car, I said it out a joke. That was before I drove the scenic tour of Portland, forced ever further from my destination by signs that read,


You get the idea. The poor people I was driving around must have thought I just dropped in from another planet. Obviously, I didn't know any of the local customs. I can understand having one way streets in a city. I can even understand dedicating 2 of the 3 lanes to bus and MAX lines. I don't understand why, when there are only 2 2-way streets, you can't turn off of one and you can't turn onto the other.

It was a wonder, but we actually made it to OMSI, Powells (I forgot my gift card. Guess I'll have to go again), and McMennamins, and back to the train station before their train was leaving.

Quite the 2 hours. Thanks for the adventure!

You Win

We were playing a game with the youngest the other day to distract her from her "tired legs" on a hike. You know the game, the one where someone says the name of an animal and the next person has to think of an animal that starts with the last letter of the previous word.

Here's how the game went...

mom: elephant
dad: tiger
kid: rabbit
mom: turtle

...You get the idea. Add in about a hundred animals to fill a half hour or so, including pretty much any animal you could think of. Ideas were running thin...

kid: finch
mom: hippopotamus
dad: skunk
kid: um... Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Game over.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Collateral Damage

A phone call from Dad at 11:30 last night sent me slogging out to the garden to cover all the baby plants in case a frost hit. Despite the hubby's insistance that it wouldn't come down to our level, I took the "better safe than sorry" approach and covered tomatoes, eggplant, herbs and peppers with every bucket I could quickly lay hands on. To his credit, the hubby who didn't believe in the project, came out and handed buckets across the fence to me in the dark.

Weather forecast was wrong, hubby was right. No frost.

However, the late night project brought some collateral damage - slugs!!! They cozied up out of the cold under the lips of all those buckets and died peacefully in their sleep.

Hooray for the false alarm! Hooray for collateral damage!

Monday, May 03, 2010

On Blogging

Didn't Churchill say something like this about blogging?

Never have so many had so much to say about so little to so few.

That's how I'm feeling about this blog right now, like it needs more direction, more streamlining, more purpose. What would you like to see?