Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Chance to Do Good

Ryan Woods was diagnosed with cancer a little before Mom was. His diagnosis took longer to come through. The back tumor that was causing him walking difficulty was first thought to be an encapsulated mass that could be easily removed. Surgery revealed, though, that it was a spidery mess that could not be untangled. When the diagnosis finally came in, it was the worst news possible--glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. The worst of the worst.

I've avoided sharing Ryan's story here since he's been doing such a good job of sharing it himself. It is, after all, his story. And, as it turns out, it's God's story as well. The miracle we've all prayed for has not happened. Ryan is on hospice and without an ubermiracle really soon, he'll be gone from us in a very short time. It's a shame, really, from my perspective, that such a young guy, so full of life and hope and dreams for God's kingdom in Vancouver, WA, will die so needlessly.

But I've got to admit, despite the unfairness of death, miracles large and small have spawned from Ryan's story. A community rallies around the one who expected to be the giver. A guy who wanted nothing to do with Jesus finds him through Ryan. The stories of sickness, fear, hope, and life are shared around the world.

There's not much we can do now. Nothing but pray (why does that never feel like enough?) and give.

Any little bit will help Ryan's family through the weeks and months ahead. His wife stopped working to take care of him. Rainn Wilson (of Office fame) did a short video on Ryan's last days and is now hosting a fundraiser on his behalf.

Click here. Watch the videos. Give something, even a little bit. Be a blessing to a family who has blessed us all.

P.S. I know that the end of Ryan's life will not be the end of his legacy. His wife Jessica is every bit as committed to sharing Jesus' love with the community. She is the picture of courage and faith.