Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gardenias in the Frost

Do you remember where you were a year ago today? Can you think back over the accomplishments, activities, struggles and triumphs of the past year with any kind of clarity?

If I learned anything this year, it was to seize the day, to suck what marrow I can from life. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Today is but a breath, the gift of a moment that cannot last.

We don't often see freezing temperatures around here, only when relatives from Alaska bring the chill with them. The past 3 nights have been cold, though.  I've had to baby my plants, draping the gardenias with blankets and towels, carrying the potted fuchsia inside to keep it warm.

If I care about these little plants, how much more does their maker who clothes them in splendor? And if he cares from the plants and the sparrows, how much more must he care for us, those he made in his own likeness?

Today should have been Mom's 70th birthday. We would have had a party, you know, with family and games, songs and memories. And, despite the freezing weather, ice cream. Maybe we still will.